Innovation and Sustainable

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SMART Applications

The competitive advantages, but also the goodwill resulting from the use of new technologies, not only create new parking spaces and conditions for better management of the traffic volume of cities, but also contribute to the creation of new standards and big data collection, processing and compilation in Sustainable Mobility and transport.

Modern trends in urban mobility demonstrate that each parking system should incorporate the following technologies in order to multiply its benefits:

Internet of Things and BigData

In every modern city many processes are interconnected and transmit data "in real time" about their status. This is a key part of Green City Parking, establishing a multiple-way exchange of data and information between smart city infrastructure and equipment, operators and citizens (e.g. traffic congestion, exceptional conditions, meteorological updates, etc.).

Smart Infrastructure and Transport Policy

Green City Parking can connect and collaborate with smartcities operators and systems, which, with constantly changing data, achieve the defined mobility goals (directed traffic and interactive mobility).

Green City Parking Ecosystem

Green City Parking creates conditions for cities to become anthropocentric, in order to bequeath the environment we inherited preserved and protected, appreciating its necessity of existence.

Pre-booking and online payment

Green City Parking incorporates an Android and iOS application providing the option for pre-booking and online payment directly and easily.
In particular, through the mobile application users will be able to:

  • enter their destination and the date and time of parking
  • find out about the available parking spaces based on the date and time of their arrival and their departure, based on search criteria
  • pre-book the parking space that suits them
  • pay online instantly and easily

Artificial Intelligence

Through Artificial Intelligence users can also:

  • accept personalized suggestions, according to their preferences
  • benefit from a better price during hours/days of reduced demand, through dynamic fluctuation
  • participate in a point system by obtaining privileges and discounts

Charging electric vehicles

Green City Parking provides charging services for electric vehicles either inductively in the parking space or conventionally, with immediate information to users about the level of charging.

Hybrid Mode

Installed on the roof of each tower, solar panels provide an alternative energy source and ensure the energy autonomy of Green City Parking.

Reduction of CO2 and particulate matter

The available perimeter surfaces of each tower can be used as an air filter, using special pollutant absorption panels.