Research Work

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RESEARCH WORK of Green City Parking

Chicago 1920
Green City Parking 2022

The vertical rotary parking system as an idea has been conceived and implemented many years ago. It is met in the Far East countries, but, as indicated in the photo – picture, it was settled in Chicago and New York U.S. since 1920, with the car models of the era parked in it.

Green City Parking of 2022, as industrial product, integrates:

  • know-how from different scientific fields (metallurgy, materials strength, electronic systems engineering, information technology, environmental engineering and hygiene, telecommunications and traffic management),
  • state-of-the-art technologies (3D design in modern CAD software, durability investigation with finite element model development and construction using high precision CNC machines),
  • modern improved materials (more durable, lighter, anti-corrosion, sound insulation and CO2 absorbent).

The research and design department of Green City Parking utilizes the know-how of the different scientific fields and takes the system to the next level.
The department coordinates and collaborates with four world-class university and research institutes laboratories of esteemed value, adding to the project prestige and credibility.

The collaborating bodies are the following:

Green City Parking guarantees that the combination of university and research know-how with industrial experience and market knowledge develops innovations to a greater extent. These, added to the already innovative product, give the momentum to penetrate the global market.