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Green City Parking

Searching throughout the world market, we detected a huge deficit of parking space, common in every city. There is a great demand for degongestion of the stuffed with cars city centers and multiplication of parking spaces, making the most of unused space.

TEXNOKAT Group decided to expand the business activity, establishing Green City Parking. Apart from the construction machinery, we have invested and keep on investing, in order to industrialise a new product that will satisfy continously increasing parking needs throughout Europe as well as the global market.

  • In 2021 at last we get on the streets.
  • Private cars find their place in open space.
  • Pedestrians revolute claiming their pavements.
  • Vehicles amble around in the liberated city streets.
  • People finally enjoy the applications of sustainable mobility considering MaaS (Mobility as a Service).
  • With awareness and increased respect to citizens, we redesign our future with optimism.

Green City Parking
What is it?

Green City Parking, is a product of the long-term designing and manufacturing experience of ILIATORAS S.A. It is an innovative industrial structure that hosts 8 to 16 car parking spaces on each tower.

Green City Parking is a vertical rotary parking system, over- or underground, that multiplies the car parking slots occupying minimum space.

Green City Parking is an industrial innovative electromechanical system that multiplies parking spaces in the urban network along with innovative integrated parking space management via artificial intelligence (A.I.) in the smart city context.

  • Parking spaces are created by suspended platforms which are connected on their ends with two drive chains. Each chain is controlled by two pulleys, one of which is linked to the step-down transformer.
  • Prefabricated - all of its machinery and metallic structures are packed in containers, if required, for their safe shipping through all available means, wherever there is demand for over or underground, multilevel, parking space multiplication of cars.
  • Assembled without complex proccesses and structures and is set to work within a few hours.
  • Fully automated function, operator free. Each tower via its sensors is interconnected to 24/7 support team, dealing with safety and integrated management issues.
  • Innovation validation: three (3) different patents.
  • Innovative product, already with declaration of comformity CE. For its materialisation the proccesses are certified according to ISO 13857:2019.
  • Integrated parking space management via artificial intelligence (A.I.) - prebooking/smart app/personal card.


Characteristics of
Green City Parking

  • 3D design in a modern CAD software
  • Metallic frame durability investigation through model development of finite elements, adopting the requirements of national and european regulations
  • Dimensioning and specification of the material of the motion chain
  • Scientific study of kinematics, vibration and noise reduction during operation
are the features that make the structure remarkably strong and industrially mature (research elaborated by the Physical Metallurgy Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering Dept. A.U.Th)

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